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LESSONS  IN BED                                        gg.
which the Hindu ought to consider; and then—he'd go mer and die
on the other side.*
It was strange that the yellowing pages of an old American
classic should have set me wondering if, here at last, was the key
to modern India.    Mark Twain, one would have thought, was
somewhat dated.   But that passage was not dated, it was
white-hot; and in spite of its apparent persiflage it seared 'the
soul." 'The urbane old humorist, for once in a way, had dropped
the mask, and the face he revealed was stern and terrible.   '      •  -
cHe would escape the Hindu hell; he would escape the"
What was the Hindu hell ?  What was the Hindu heaven ?
. . Those were the questions I set myself, in the weeks of pain that
lay ahead.   You will find the answer in Part Two,                  ' .